Know about Dwarka Sector 6
Know about Dwarka Sector 6
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Single Sector description of Dwarka
Dwarka Sector 6
If you try to enter from north east direction, Sector 6 is located in the beginning of Dwarka. It has perfect square shape. In its north side Sector 2, in the east Sector 7, Sector 5 in the west and Sector 10 in the south side. It has 3 markets, one DDA residential pocket, one war widow residential colony named Palam Vihar, ( not to confuse with Palam Vihar of Gudgaon) and approx 30 CGHS residential complex.
At the north east corner of Sector 6 exists, the MTNL exchange and main crossing adjoining Sector 1,2x7,6. This is the busiest crossing 24x7, through which commuters go to Gudgaon or South Delhi or Najaf Gadh or North West Delhi. Heavy traffic flow remains always because it is the main entry and exit point of Dwarka.
From this crossing if you choose to go east ward you may reach to IGI Airport or southern part of Delhi, like Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar R K Puram etc.
Opting for west from this very crossing will lead you to Sector,2,3,4,5 and ultimately to Dwarka Mod from where you may go to Najaf Gadh by turning your left or to Uttam Nagar by turning your right.
If you choose to go north ward you will exit Dwarka after 2.5 Km and reach Dabadi Mod crossing near Janakpuri of west Delhi, and from here, you can go to North Delhi or Central Delhi.
Meanwhile you may go to Gudgaon or Dwarka Sector 8,9,10,21,22, Pochanpur etc, by driving south, to this crossing.
Sector 6 has 3 red lights on the eastern boundary cross road, 1st on the 1,2,6,7 crossing, another just after 4 hundred meters ahead, at Sector 6x7 crossing, and the 3rd , just, after another 5 hundred meters, near Sector 7,8x6,10 crossing.
You will find 3 red lights again on the western boundary cross road of Sector 6. If you are standing at the main market of Sector 6 and 10 then count this as 1st crossing, adjoining the Sector 10,11x5,6 crossing. From here if you go to north, next red light, is, just after 5 hundred meters, and one more red light, after the next 5 hundred meters. The last one is adjoining crossing of Sector 5,6x2,3 and Madhu Vihar.
If you want to exit Dwarka and wish to go West Delhi you can drive towards north from this point which will lead you directly to Dabadi Mod and after Dabadi Mod you reach to Janak Puri, If you go straight, choose left to reach to Uttam Nagar, and by going right you will lead towards Sagarpur, Janak Puri D Block, Delhi Cantonment area and Dhaula Kuan.
From this very crossing at Sector 6 market if you will drive 9 hundred meters to west, will reach Sector 11,12x5,4 crossing and still go on straight you will reach to Dwarka Mod after 3 km approx. By going south you will lead toward Sector 18,19,21,22 and Pochanpur, Goyala Dairy respectively.
Famous Sports complex of Dwarka is situated in sector 11 which is near Sector 6,10x5,11 crossing and just in front of Sector 10 main market. While a cycle track park area, is being developed in adjoining crossing in Sector 5, which has presently a rich nursery for plant saplings.
Public Transport: Though Dwarka is designed for lower middle income group to higher middle income group people, who may afford personal vehicle easily, public transport system is gradually improving in the sub city. Specially, Sector 6 is well connected to rest part of Delhi through Public Transport.
Eastern Boundary Road
Bus Route: Sector 6 has three bus stops in eastern boundary road, 1st at MTNL exchange, another at Sector 6x7 crossing and 3rd just after 200 meters before red light. DTC route no RL 75, and RL 79 ply on it which commute between Dwarka Sector 13 and Dwarka Sector 21 to New Delhi Railway station respectively. DTC inter-state bus services from Uttam Nagar to Gudgaon and DTC Route no 718 plies between Uttam Nagar to Gudgaon. Frequencies of all these buses are between 20 minutes to 30 minutes from early morning to late evening.
Ola Shuttle Service: In the morning office hours Ola shuttle service has started for Gurgaon recently. Appart from this private contract buses for Gurgano and C P are also available in the morning hours. These services are available for return journey in the evening also.
Matador Service: Apart from DTC bus private matador services are available between Palam Village to Goyala Dairy and Najaf Gadh and Uttam Nagar to Kapashera boarder from these 3 bus stops.
Auto Rickshaws: You will not find dedicated Auto Rickshaws in Sector 6 but normally in the morning hours you can have an opportunity to locate them near Sector 6x7 crossing. While Auto Rickshaws are available round the clock near Sector 1,2x6,7 crossing.
Northern Boundary Road
Basically northern boundary road of Sector 6 is one, among the busiest cross roads of Dwarka.
There are two bus stops on it. 1st is located in front of petrol pump and Bus Depot of Sector 2 just near the fire station of Sector 6 while another is near J M International School just before the 1,2x6,7 crossing red light.
Bus Route nos are as follows:-
Bus route no 77 from Madhu Vihar to New Delhi Railway station via Sagarpur Delhi Cant, Dhaula Kuan, Central Secretariat, Tal Katora Indoor Stadium, RML Hospital, Gurudwara Rakab Ganj, Bangala Sahib Gurudwara, Jantar Mantar, CP.
Bus route no 781 from Madhu Viahr to New Delhi Railway station via IGI Domestic Air port, Vasant Gaon, Shanti Niketan, Moti bagh, Railway Museum, Yeswant Place, Ashoka Hotel, Race course Road , Tughlaque Road Police Station, Central Secretariat, Parliament, AIR, Reserve Bank, Jantar Mantar,CP.
Bus route no 727 from Madhu Vihar to JL Nehru Stadium via IGI Domestic Airport, Vasant Vihar, RK Puram, Bhikaji Kama Place, Sarojini Nagar, Nauroji Nagar, Safdar Jung Medical Hospital, AIIMS, South Ex Market.
Bus Route No 764 from Najaf Gadh to Nehru Place, via Palam Village, IGI Domestic Airport, Vasant Vihar, RK Puram, Ber Sarai, IIT, Swami Nagar, Masjid Moth, near Kailash Colony
Bus Route no 728 from Najaf Gadh to New Delhi Railway Station via Dwarka, Delhi Cant, Sadar, Dhaula Kuan, Ridge Road, Near Mandir Marg, Karol Bagh, Shivaji Stadium
Bus Route No 850 from Dwarka Mod to Kendriya Terminal which is Central Secretariat
Bus route no 803 from Madhu Vihar to Shivaji Stadium
are available from these two bus stops.
Ola Shuttle Service: In the morning office hours Ola shuttle service has started for Connaught place and gurgaon recently. Appart from Ola's services private contract buses for Gurgano and C P are also available in the morning hours. These services are available for return journey in the evening also.
Matador Service: Apart from DTC bus private matador services are available between Palam Village to Dwarka Mod and Najaf Gadh from these 2 bus stops. Gramin Seva and Auto Rickshas are also available
Auto Rickshaws: You will not find dedicated Auto Rickshaws in Sector 6 always but off course Auto Rickshaws are available round the clock near Sector 2,6x1,7 crossing. In the busy morning and evening hours one can easily find sharing auto rickshaws to commute between Dwarka Mod to Palam.
Apart from these transport services, battery operated Rickshaws and normal human Rickshaws are also available for local commuters.
Dwarka Sector 6 has 3 commercial units where you can find everything for your daily needs.
1. Main Market
2. DDA market with Post office in the north west side
3. DDA market with banks in the south east side
Market Welfare Association
There is an active body of Dwarka Sector 6 Market Welfare Association.
Mr .--------is secretary of the Association, while ….is the president of …Association.
Contact no of ..
In any case of dispute or for guidance about Market you may contact………..
Main Market
Main markets of Sector 6 and Sector 10 are in front of each other and this is the most crowded and happening place of Dwarka. Main market is situated in the south west corner of Sector 6. It has more than 200 medium and small size commercial units which cater the daily needs of residents. There are more than 25 small eating joints and Dwarkaites love to enjoy the tasty food. Specially, in the evening you will find many families enjoying their dinner at the road side joints.
Sweets and Snacks Shop
There are four sweets and snacks shop in sector 6. And if you allow me to satisfy my taste buds I will prefer Raja Sweets, the sweets made by this group, is the best according to me. We all family members whenever like to eat sweet meats we order from here. Though, you may go for Aggarwal, and Bikanerwala, for your needs.
Bakery: We are fortunate to have a perfect shop for cakes and buns which is known as Puff and Cakes. There are two more bakeries in the market.
Groceries: There are at least 6 groceries shops in the market and you can rely upon them for quality though you will have to pay a handsome amount for quality goods. Normally no discounts are provided on the items you purchase from here.
Stationary: You can find at least 2 books and stationary shops in the main market.
Gift Items: Daddi's Gift Gallery is famous in and around whole Dwarka for it's rich collection of gift items including greeting cards, stuffed toys and other items.
Electronic and electrical Appliances: Though you will not find much varieties, off course there are at least two shops who cater the need for ACs, Washing Machines, Fans, and other home items.
Mobile handsets, laptops and other Gadgets: There are shops to purchase new mobile or laptops or other gadgets and recharge of mobile phones, but I think for this segment apart from recharging services, you will have to go outside sector 6 and explore the desired item in either Sector 12 market or other famous markets of Delhi.
Medicne shop: There are 3 medicine shops in this market.
Medical Services and Doctors: If you allow me to describe about the medical facilities and Doctors in Dwarka, I will suggest that Sector 6 is the capital of Doctors in Dwarka. At least 35 doctors have their clinics in close vicinity of 300 meters just behind the main market side and DDA's residential flats. And you can find specialists of their field here.
Pathologists: There are several pathologists including Dr Lal paths.
Bar Be Que: You can purchase fish, mutton, chicken and other non veg items in this market, but options are limited.
Bar and booze: If you love to drink and dine, you can enjoy your time in Sector 6 main market where one mini bar serves the drink from 00am to 00pm seven days a week. Ambience is good and people from all walk come here. One liquor and booze shop is also present in the market.
Ready-made garments and clothing: There are several small units of Ready-made garments. Though you will not find branded show room, in-stead of it you can purchase any branded item from these units. You will not find single tailor shop but yes there are boutiques for ladies.
Dry cleaning ; At least two dry cleaning service providers are present in the market and home service is provided to clients.
Banks, LIC other allied services. There is a branch of LIC in sector six market while branches of ….Banks are situated here. There are several agents of Insurance and other allied services.
Repairing Services:There are at least two or more repairing service venders, who help you, by repairing your electrical and electronic appliances at call.
BSES Bill collection centre: At the north- west point of main market, BSES bill collection center works 6 days a week. Normal timings to accept payments are 10 am to 4 pm, however they do not generate duplicate bill so if you want to pay your bill on time please keep the earlier issued bill with you.
Other Markets
Apart from main market there are 2 more commercial units in sector 6. One is known as DDA market with post office and other has no particular name but branches of different banks are located here. While in the DDA post office market there are approx 20 small commercial units including one medicine shop, 2 men's par lour and one ladies beauty par lour. There is one boutique too apart from several grocery shops, one wheat flour chakki, one Mother Dairy milk booth, one Safal vegetable shop and one more vegetable shop, and at least three small eating joints which serve mostly snacks.
Oh..yes there is a booze shop too in this DDA market which creates a lot of scene some times in the late evenings, though occasionally and once in a year. Every evening you can find a large number of people gathered here to purchase their favorite drink and enjoying their drinks at the road side.
Here parking is very good.
Banks: Another small market of sector 6 is located in its south side and it has at least 4 branches of different Banks. ICICI Bank, Punjab and Sindh Bank and Allahabad bank are among them.
ATM: ATM fascilites are ample in Sector 6. There are several ATM centers in main market of Sector 6. ATMs of SBI, ICICI and other banks are installed in main market while you find one at just near plot no 23.
Petrol Pump: Actually Dwarka has been designed for middle to higher middle income group people and most of the residents need fuel to drive their car or bike for commuting here and there. So normally one petrol pump is present in each Sector and if you want fuel for your car , please come to near plot no 23 in just between the middle cross road of Sector 6 . Here is the Petrol Pump to serve you from 6 am to 11 pm in the night. If you need fuel in odd hours you will have to commute at least another one kilometer from here in north east direction from this spot where a petrol pump just before the fly over in Sector 1 Sector 7 beginning serves round the clock throughout the week.
Park and greenery:
DDA has developed a very good park in Sector 6 which is centrally located. It is one among the well kept parks of Dwarka. Original idea is to develop it as a most happening place of Dwarka but unfortunately idea is not picking momentum. Several small shops had been built here but never opened due to lack of proper planning. Though the foot fall is good in the morning and evening and if these plazas are developed and cultural activities may get promotion, this park might gain the royal status among all park of Dwarka. Several equipments to help the health conscious people are installed here and people of all age use these throughout the day.
Apart from central park, a good park is being developed near Post office, Market. Those people who avoid crowd in the busy morning and evening hours come here to walk.
One more park is present near DDA market with banks. But it is not so popular due to lack of infrastructure.
Flora and fauna: Earlier when Dwarka was in its initial stage there were old trees of Sheesham, Peepal and Banyan here and there. But heavy plantation work, in last 10 years by concerned departments is paying a rich dividend today.
Thanks to all authorities who took pain to plant saplings couple of year back, taking proper care to ensure their healthy life, a thick green cover is growing day by day not only in sector 6 but most of the road side of Dwarka.
A sapling 10 years back is a grown up tree today enjoying the full bloom in spring and shading the leaves in autumn. Hundreds of trees in sector 6 are home and shelter for thousands of birds, insects and other living organism.
Earlier, before year 2005 only half a dozen varieties of birds were mainly residing in Dwarka, while today you will find more than 2 dozen varieties of birds, abundantly in Sector 6.
We came to reside in Dwarka in 2002, and that time mainly only 4 types of bird were present in around our society in sector 6. These 4 include Pigeons, Crows, Owls and Parrots. Occasionally in summer season we observed the presence of Cuckoo or in winters some migrant birds.
Numbers of Pigeon were most in those days, who are still the largest flying community today. Crows were number two at those times but Mynah have replaced them to number three or four in just last three years. Actually growth of Mynah is miraculous they have forced out the Pigeons and Crows in sector 6 and captured their natural habitats. Mynah community is fierce fighter and they fight up to death. We have seen several fights among themselves and with pigeons in our society and know very clearly how they are growing in our campus.
Parrots are also growing in Dwarka. Their number and rank among the birds according to me is same. There is an age old Parrot, who visit outside our balcony every morning without fail, except rainy day, talks with fellows and flew after half or one hour or more. We call him DADAJI, because he or she looks old, voice is very strong , and in commanding tone he communicates with other birds. From last 14 years he comes every day and sat upon the cable wire hanging between two societies. It's very amazing to find that other varieties of birds respond to his quarries and there talks go on without interruption for hours.
With DADAJI now come more than 4 or 5 parrots of different size and shape. But in rainy day parrots remain in their nest to avoid getting wet. Actually they are prone to catch cold if got wet, so if it is raining in the morning we do not find DADAJI with our morning tea.
Owls have lost the battle, it seems to me now, because I do not listen to their hooting either in early evening or morning these days while up to year 2012 they were present in large numbers in sector 6. In front of my flat in sector 6 there is a petrol pump, and behind its campus a natural mini forest like bushes and vegetation have grown. There are several trees here, which include Peepal, Neem, Ber and some other bushes and herbs. Earlier we had observed owls in this vegetation. Sometimes we had seen at least six or more owls here.
But today it is very difficult to find owls here or in sector 6 central park. So owls are outnumbered by Mynah or other varieties of birds.
Most remarkable fact to note here is that Eagles are now residing in Dwarka and they have captured the nests of crows at several strategic locations in sector 6. In my own society there was a nest of one crow on the top of Teak tree up-to year 2015. The crow family was residing here since 2002, when we had moved here but in 2016 an eagle family has captured this tree and you can have a look of their nest here.
Actually in 2009 I have seen first instance of eagle in the sky of sector 6. In 2013 a large meeting or gathering of more than 250 eagles had taken place in the sector 6 main ground which serves the purpose of social gathering like marriage or Durga Puja etc. At that time we had discussed the gathering and said that they might be the migrant birds or they have come to eat the residue of the marriage party which was held last night, but no, now we think it was a social gathering of eagles to decide whether Dwarka is ideal for their residence or not. We had seen their presence for two or three days, but after that meeting not a single occasion has come after that year when we see a large number of eagles in this ground which is just in front of our flat.
Apart from these birds there are several other varieties of birds in sector 6 which include Dove, Cuckoo, ………..etc.
Butterflies and honey bee: In rainy season we find different varieties of butterflies in sector 6 but after that their presence remains very thin. Some variety of moths and other insects are also visible which include termites.
Hives of honey bee are present in Dwarka. We see every year that a family tries to make their home in our society but after 3 to 5 months management of society calls some person who break their hive and sell the honey. It's very cruel to kill the bee and dislocate them brutally and some of us has decided in future if honey bee make their home in our society we will take proper care and try to save their life.
Actually we need to think from scratch to save the harmless and use full insect community to keep harmony in our life and control the number of insect community biologically.
We think that by using pesticides we are controlling the pests but unfortunately we do not know that every poison which is being used to kill pest or bacteria or pathogens is harmful to human too.
We use pesticides to kill pests in our farms, and the vegetable or fruits produced by this practice is affecting directly to us.
We use mosquito repellents in different way and we are forced to face breathing problems.
It goes on…
So we suggest to all fellows to re think the use of pesticides in any mode and try to grow and nurture the useful and harmless insects in our vicinity which will control the number of their community biologically.
If we encourage the growth of honey bee, black bee, and other useful insect community which take care to check the growth of the member of their own kingdom, we human will make our life better. It has not been clinically tested because no one is ready for a mass awareness program without expecting direct monetary gain immediately.
But we request you to do so, we need a healthy growth of harmless and useful insect community.
Education Facilities
There are 8 schools in Sector 6. Their names are as follows:-
1. Government Sarvoaya Vidyalay no 1 up-to 12th Board
2. Government Sarvoaya Vidyalay no 2 up-to 12th Board
3. Mother's Pride Nursery and Primary School
4. Icon International Nursery and Primary School
5. MDH International School Nursery and Primary School
6. DAV Public School Primary up-to 12th Board
7. Vishwa Bharati School Primary up-to 12th Board
8. J M International School Primary up-to 12th Board
In government sector there are 2 schools. Both are general schools from class 6 to 12. Approx two thousand students read in both. Both are near central park. Performance of school is good with ….% pass outs in the previous year's 10th and 12th board.
1.. Name of the principal of ………School is ……..Contact number of school is…..

2..Name of the principal of ………School is ……..Contact number of school is…..
Primary School 1 Mother's Pride Central Park
Apart from these two Government's school, in private sector for primary education a very good branch of Mother's Pride group is located near central park.
Admission process begins in the month of ……..
Minimum age ……
Name of Principal : Mrs.
Contact no ………….
Primary School 2 Icon International Main Eastern Road
Icon International is another school in sector 6 for nursery and primary education. Admission process begins in the month of ……..
Minimum age ……
Name of Principal : Mrs.
Contact no ………….

Middle School 1 MDH International School
Address West to central park sector 6 Contact No
MDH International School is one of the famous middle school in Dwarka sector 6. It is run by ….educational society. This is supported by famous MDH Group.
Admission process begins in the month of ……..
Minimum age ……
Name of Principal : Mrs.
Contact no ………….
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