Medi-Health Congress 2011
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May 05, 2011
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Welcome to MediHealth Congress 2011
Industry leaders unanimously opine that the Indian healthcare sector is currently witnessing its peak in terms of business potential and return on investment. It is expected to become a $ 280 billion industry by 2020 with spending on health estimated to grow by 14 per cent annually. However, despite all the positive developments taking place in the industry, India as a country, even after six decades of its political independence, is still failing miserably to address the healthcare needs of majority of its population. At the very outset, we have to acknowledge that the main problem in India's health sector is not the unavailability of medicine & human resources, but their proper accessibility and distribution.

Analyzing the above visible trends in the country, at MediHealth Congress 2011, we aim to bring together the expertise of stalwarts from the healthcare industry, experts in business strategies & technology as well as the policy makers to identify, debate & come out with some realistic solutions to bridge the gaps in Indian medical system. The focus would be on developing efficient strategies to have great ROI for the investors and at the same time make healthcare accessible & affordable to the common man. Additionally, the focus would also be on developing mobile healthcare, telemedicine and related technologies, which would ensure better reach of healthcare facilities and consultancy to remote areas.
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