Spring/Summer Trends
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May 18, 2011
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Spring summer is all about colour.I know it's a cliché but the word "spring” itself makes you wonder,do i really need to look twice at that neutral coloured dress of mine?


Talking about colour don't forget to add a tinge of orange to your wadrobe.Oh did i say "tinge?”No i meant,more than a tinge.

Go for cropped shirts.Too shy to show some skin?Wear a long tank inside.

All about the pants:

This spring /summer it's going to be all about the bottoms!A very sophisticated form of the "Dhoti pants” with clean cuts.You can tuck in the shirt .Trousers are supposed to be loose .Yes,70s inspired.Pull it a bit higher than your waist.Of course , it's going to be a high waisted one.

Are you a " baggy trouser phobic”, due to those curves? Go in for trousers in darker shades.Remember to wear them with heels, or you might look as if you're gliding.

Botanical/floral prints:

As you know florals are going to be out there.Be it, flowers ,botanical prints .This year florals are going to be a bit bigger .

This time the jumpsuits are going to be bigger and wider.The clothing is more 70s , a lot of bows and sequins ,florals,bright colours,biker jackets,a mix of feminine and eclectic pieces. Quite a mix eh?
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