Stewart rally's point -- don't divide us
Stewart rally's point -- don't divide us
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Nov 01, 2010
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t the end of a bitter political season too often hijacked by the extremes, the Rally to Restore Sanity was a heartening reaffirmation of American humor, smarts and civility.

This year's previous political rallies on the Washington mall -- Glenn Beck's "Restore Honor" rally and the labor/liberal corollary "One Nation" rally emceed by Ed Schultz -- seemed like grim partisan marches compared to the optimism of this overflowing crowd composed of Americans from the sensible center.

While Beck asked his supporters not to bring signs (presumably for fear of the distractions they might create) and Schultz's rally signs were mostly printed up by unions and activist groups, the signs at the Restore Sanity rally were clearly homemade. And like hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, they used satire to comment on the political insanity that surrounds us. Among the signs I saw:

• God Hates Nags

• The Rant Is Too Damn High

• Restrain the Craziness

• Civil War was an Inside Job

• Texans for Staying in the Union

• Obama: At Least He Isn't James Buchanan

• Hitler was Hitler

• Want Less Government? Move to Somalia (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

• Real Patriots Can Handle a Difference of Opinion

• Real Americans Don't Use the Term 'Real Americans'

• I read the Constitution for the Articles

• I Masturbate and I Vote

• Moderate to the Extreme

The content from the stage was essentially a comedy show mixed with musical guests.

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