Women buy half their body-weight in clothes each year!!
Women buy half their body-weight in clothes each year!!
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May 23, 2011
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The average woman now buys half her body weight – 62lb – in clothing in just one single year, according to new research.

It means women have four times as many clothes in their wardrobe than they did in 1980.

And in a startling new development women are also getting rid of similar amounts each year, say experts.

The average woman now has 22 garments hanging in her wardrobe that she has never worn and is expected to spend £133,640 in her lifetime on looking good.

The extraordinary statistics have been attributed to the rise in 'fast fashion' in which women can now buy cut-price versions of celebrity looks.

They have also got into the habit of spending less on individual items and buying more.

Consumer expert Lucy Siegle claims the average woman now accumulates four-and-a-half stone in clothes in just a year.
She calculated the figure after studying research conducted by Cambridge University into textile imports.

Miss Siegle, a regular on the BBC's The One Show, says the celebrity culture of wearing something new each day has given rise to a new generation of shoppers.

Among the celebrities she blames for the latest fashion craze is X Factor judge and pop singer Cheryl Cole.

She also cites a decade-long fall in the high street price of clothing, the rise of online stores and claims that whilst the quality has shrunk wardrobes have grown.

And there are figures to back it up.

In 2007 an incredible three pairs of jeans were being sold every second.

Between 2001 and 2005, while spending on womenswear rose by 21 per cent, the price of individual items dropped by 14 per cent.

And the desire for more is being supported by a global market that produces 80billion new garments a year.

'The fast fashion phenomenon has affected all of us.

'Before, we were only really interested in what celebrities wore on the red carpet and when they were at a film premiere.

'But we became obsessed with what Britney Spears wore when she drove her car to a drive-in cafe.

'It spawned a whole subgroup of day wear called luxury loungewear.

'I have all these weird items in my wardrobe that I bought and I can trace their origin to either a [footballer's wife] or a pop star.

'I tried to copy Cheryl Cole when I saw her wearing wet-look leggings but I ended up looking like Russell Brand.
We have spent the same (as we did) and we have bought in bulk.

'At the same time we are consuming at such a rapid rate and throwing so much out you end up with a wardrobe that is devoid of both style and elegance and wearability.'

The rise of fast-fashion, she adds, can also be attributed to the ability of stores like Zara, H&M and Topshop, and low-cost retailers such as Primark and Tesco, to reproduce cut-price versions of the latest catwalk or celebrity look.

But faced with a string of austerity measures the trend is expected to slow, with shoppers buying clothes to last.
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