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Mamata Banerjee, a name that created history
Mamata Banerjee, a name that created history
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May 18, 2011
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'Paribortan' , a call that actually brought the three decade regime of left front to the ground was given by Mamata Banerjee, a lady whom her follower fondly called as 'didi'. With her thumping win in the 2011 West Bengal assembly elections, Mamata proved that the suppressed mass of the state is demanding a change and she is the one whom they have selected will be the flag-bearer for that change.

Over the years, the Trinamool Congress supremo and current Union Railway Minister has transformed herself from the mercurial, impulsive boss of a regional party to the responsible leader of a state. The metamorphosis has come through times that have been rough, tough and testing. Under her, the Trinamool is now boasting a stronger national ambition. All because a hurt, humiliated woman refused to be cowed down.

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